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Combining Balinese Hindu way of life and the love of ocean, Daya is a Balinese brand that believe in giving back to the local community. Every piece our clothing is design, made and produced in Bali. We believe in supporting small businesses so from printing to sewing we work with various small family factories in South Bali.
Our store in Bingin features all brands that are made in or by Indonesian, we hope to showcase the brilliance of Indonesia through our work & store.




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Spread the Love of Surfing 

Dear surfing community in Indo and around the world, we have all found joy and happiness through surfing and we are some of the luckiest group of people who live in a beautiful country blessed with an abundance of swell. DAYA has partnered with Bali Life Org with a new social project. We are hoping to get donations of second-hand surf goods such as leashes, rashes, fins and boards for the children at Bali Life Foundation. We have started our biweekly Surf Day Out with the kids, please contact us if you would like to help out in any way.


Bali Life Foundation is an amazing organization helping orphaned and street children around Bali since 2005, they work hard to provide the children with not just a safe environment but also life skills they can use once they leave the foundation including surfing. They already have 10 avid surfers aged between 10 and 15 at different levels. 

They are trying their best to get the kids out into the surf and the kids saved up money to buy their own surf equipment, some of the older boys even learnt how to do their own ding repairs. So if you have anything you don’t need anymore please drop it off at our shop and let’s share the love of surfing. 


Bali Life Foundation relies partly on donations to support their operation, they also partner up with hotels and businesses to where they sell products made by kids in the foundation ( click here to see Street Center and Women’s workshop). But due to COVID and no tourism in Bali, the foundation needs our help during this time, so here are a few different ways we can get involved: 



Wishlist Items:

  • Leg Rope (used)  

  • Fins (Future, FCS ll) Used  

  • Boardshorts: age 6-12 and size 28, 30, 32. 

  • Wetsuit Size: Age 6 - 12 and S, M (used)


Surf Good Drop Off Location: Daya Surf Shop, Bingin


Contact Us for more information or questions 

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