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Surf Day Out - Bingin

Our second Surf Day Out on Saturday was at Bingin beach on a nice sunny morning. After our first event, we received more donations on boardshorts and surfboards, so we would like to say a massive thank you to everyone.

It was amazing to see the community coming together not only did we have 15 amazing kids from the Bali Life Foundation there, but we also had kids from the community joining. Everyone out in the surf, meeting new friends and sharing the stoke is what life is really about.

The swell was smaller than forecasted but we made the most of it while the waiting for the tide change by introducing the kids to simple exercises to help with their surfing. Looking after your body is just as important as looking after surfboards.

To make sure the kids are prepared out in the surf, we taught them how to paddle properly, as we all know most of the time it's paddling, a lot of it.

For the younger children, we had a pushing contest to see who rode the longest wave. They were trying so hard to win some prizes we prepared for them ( thanks to Boost Surf for the T-shirts). Their little smiles say it all.

If you would like to join our next Surf Day Out, follow us on our social to see where and it will be in two weeks! Bring your little ones as well, it will be fun.

We would also like to mention Ibu Sekar and Swell Bali for donating some money toward the Nasi Bunkus, the kids were definitely super happy after a long morning of training and surfing. All photos were taken by Water Lens, thank you so much for documenting our day.

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